New beginnings


Spring is my favourite season of the year. It’s seeing nature come alive again after the long winter, the flowers so bright and joyful, the tiny leaves on the trees, the dawn chorus, the lighter evenings…..

It’s a real new beginning, and one which inspires me more than the new year, which is still in the depths of winter. So many of us make our new year resolutions, only to fail in the early weeks of the year, but the arrival of spring gives us a fresh chance to start anew. It somehow seems easier to make new beginnings when the whole of nature is joining with us. If we aspire to a healthier lifestyle, the warmer weather and the sunshine may tempt us outdoors. If we want to eat more healthily, there is a greater range of fresh, seasonal produce available, and we tend to eat lighter meals as the weather warms up.  Spring is the season of birth and renewal throughout the natural world, and so it’s an ideal time for any creative projects.  By which I mean not only arts and crafts – we are not all gifted in that way – but living creatively, changing course if we feel the need, working towards a more fulfilling and authentic life in which we nourish our true selves rather than just existing day to day.

So what better time than now to make space to breathe, to meditate, to go within and see what comes up?  To see clearly what works and what no longer works for us?  And to be gentle and accepting with who we really are.

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