An anniversary


Today is my blogging anniversary – I’ve been writing here for the past year!

I was so optimistic,  a year ago.  I would write at least once a week, and more often twice, I’d never be stuck for ideas, and certainly never have a lengthy gap between posts.  Well… did start out that way, but then life got itself very much in the way.  The ideas are still there,  but the time – well, not so much.  Health challenges, work, family – there are so many things that have stopped me from putting in the time.  And so this is my 44th post in a year – a little under one a week, but still something I can be proud of!

Those readers who have been with me from the start – thank you for reading,  for your comments and your inspiration.  Thank you too for your patience when those gaps in posting have crept in.  And to my new readers, thank you for joining me and rest assured, there is much much more to come, and I am so looking forward to my second year!

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