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Sometimes we don’t feel very brave.  We admire others who we consider to be much more courageous  than ourselves.  But we commonly confuse feeling scared with a lack of courage.  Whereas if you really think about it, we can only show true courage and act bravely if we do feel fear.

Growing up, and into my adult life, I was scared of spiders.  I would freeze if I saw one, and, if at all possible, I would ask  someone else to remove it for me.  I certainly wasn’t brave around a spider!  One day, many years ago now, a colleague removed a huge spider from my office, just letting it walk onto her hand and carrying it outside.  I considered her to be really brave!  But she disagreed, and explained that she really liked spiders, so for her to pick one up was no more  brave than it would be for me to stroke a cat.

So if we have no fear, then we do not need bravery.  When I first started to deal with spiders, removing them from my home because my family disliked them even more than me, I needed quite a lot of courage!  I had to steel myself to deal with them, whilst trying not to show my fear in front of my young son.  We lived at the time in a very old converted barn, with lots of nooks and crannies where the creatures crept in, and so I got plenty of practice!  One of them was so large that I could hear it walking down the curtain behind my head whilst I was holding my sleeping baby.  It took a fair amount of courage to walk slowly and calmly upstairs and lay my son down in his cot before coming back to deal with that one!

Over the years, I have learnt to deal with spiders pretty well.  I no longer feel so scared of them, and I have needed correspondingly less courage to remove them from my home.  As a result, my son now carefully removes all manner of  creepy-crawlies and places them carefully into the garden, with no sign of fear.  Because, of course, our fears can be learnt from others.

But there are very few of us who have no fear.  Even the most daredevil, thrill-seeking, extreme sports enthusiast (can you tell where my own fears still skulk?!) will at some point face a fear of their own.  For some of us, that fear may revolve around carrying on our daily lives when we really want to run and hide from the world,  nursing our hurts and pain.  We may be faced with challenges to our health, or to our relationships,  which appear to totally overwhelm us and yet we survive through small daily acts of courage. There won’t be any awards or medals given out for this type of bravery, and only we know what we have had to overcome in the small hours of the night, but overcome them  we somehow do. Without applause or recognition, but none- the -less important for it being a private and personal battle.


Weekly wonders 11th June


This week some of my wonders have been:

the light and shade and varieties of green in a patch of ivy

the bright red petals starting to appear from the fat,  furry poppy buds

the dusky purple-brown of grass seed-heads

halloumi griddled in lime juice and added  to a quinoa salad

the bright yellow-green of a woodpecker flying across the lane


I’d love to hear your weekly wonders too!

Weekly wonders 5th June


Well, I’m a bit late with these, so maybe the title should be fortnightly wonders…..!

Here are a few of the wonders of my last couple of weeks….

The hedges awash with frothy cow parsley in bloom

The candle-like flowers of the horse chestnut trees

The sound of baby woodpeckers calling for their parents from a nest high up in a tree on a weekend woodland walk

The garden has come alive with the sound of bees in the sunshine

The peace of my daily meditation

The taste of home-made ice cream

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Children’s laughter and family celebrations