Coming home to yoga


When I practise yoga,  I feel most myself. My morning meditation has become an essential part of my day, a time just for me.  When we went camping last year,  it was impossible to find that time to myself – with three of us in a small tent,  the only time in which I could attempt even a small part of my practice was before going to sleep. With the tent not really big enough to sit up in,  the best I could do was to lay as straight as possible and tune into my breathing, perhaps moving into ajapa japa meditation or meditating on the chakras in turn. As my family drifted into sleep around me, this was the closest I could get to my usual morning meditation practice.  It was better than nothing, and being together as a family all day every day more than made up for the lack of my yoga practice. 

But, just as it is nice to come home after a holiday,  it was fantastic to get back to my practice on our return home.  I appreciated the space around me all the more, the chance to enter more deeply into my practice.  Refreshed by my holiday, there was a freshness to my practice too, and the familiar rhythm of the practices only enhanced that wonderful sense of coming home.

And, in yoga and meditation, that is exactly what we do.  Each time we return to the mat or the meditation cushion,  we are coming home to ourselves. We don’t have to look very far for our true self – it has been there all along, just waiting for us to bring our focused attention to it. 

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