Don’t let your skin feel the cold

Don’t let your skin feel the cold

When the weather turns colder, our skin can start to suffer.  But there’s plenty we can do to keep skin happy during the colder months of the year….you could start by adjusting your skincare routine and/or the products that you use.

The skincare products you use during the spring and summer might not be adequate when the chill sets in.  As an Independent Consultant for Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic, trying different products has helped me to find the right mix to keep my skin happy during the winter months.

Many of us find that our skin becomes drier during the cold weather – a combination of wind chill when we’re out in the elements, and drying central heating in our homes and workplaces. So that lightweight moisturiser you use when it’s warm outside just might not be enough to deal with the elements during the winter.  Skin may become dehydrated, sore and flaky, so we might need to add in some exfoliation to regain a nice, smooth texture.

As soon as the seasons start to change, you might experience some signs that your skincare isn’t quite coping. If you usually wash your face, your skin may feel tight after washing, and this tightness may or may not be relieved by moisturising afterwards.  Relax!  This doesn’t mean you need to stop using a face wash, if this is your preferred method of cleansing, you just need to try a different product!


When this happened to me, I reluctantly stopped using the gorgeous Rose Facial Wash I’d been using during the summer, and tried this instead –  Orange Flower Facial Wash.  It’s a foaming lotion that is formulated with dry skin in mind, and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed with no tightness whatsoever.  Gorgeously scented with mandarin and orange flower oils, it wakes up my senses and leaves me feeling relaxed too!


orange flower facial wash


I also use the Orange Flower Daily Moisture during the colder months (in the summer I tend to use the Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture, or the cucumber, rose and lime scented  Deliciously Ella moisturiser).


My skin tends to be normal to dry year round, but if yours is more normal to oily, you might need a different combination of products.  You could start by trying the Palmarosa range, formulated for normal to oily skin types, or the Deliciously Ella range. If your skin becomes dry during the cooler weather, you might find that switching up to the Rehydrating Rose range works for you.

wild rose beauty balm

One product which is recommended for all skin types, and is an absolute godsend at any time of year, is our Wild Rose Beauty Balm. It can be used as an exfoliating cleanser, with the muslin cloth, as a face mask, an overnight moisture and radiance boost, and even as a daytime moisturiser if you don’t mind being a bit shiny! I often use a tiny amount as a lip balm, and you can also use it to tame eyebrows or as a cheek highlighter.  If your hands and nails suffer in the winter weather, use it for those too – a tiny bit around the cuticles is absolutely brilliant!

If your skin is more mature, you could try the Rejuvenating Frankincense range, or the Frankincense Intense range.

 Frankincense Intense


So hopefully that will inspire you to switch up your products to suit the winter conditions.  Another thing you might want to consider is adding in some extra steps to your daily routine.

If you generally just cleanse, tone and moisturise – or just cleanse and moisturise – then you could try adding in some exfoliation.  This doesn’t have to be done daily – perhaps just a couple of times a week.  You could use the Wild Rose Beauty Balm with the muslin cloth, as above, or you could use a facial polish or scrub.  My absolute favourite is the Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish.  It’s gentle but effective, using wild rose seed powder to effectively cleanse and remove impurities.

rose facial polish

You could also try the Palmarosa Facial Polish for oilier skin types, or Honey and Orange Facial Scrub which cleanses with the aid of kaolin and rice powder (no nasty microbeads in our scrubs and  polishes!)

You might also like to add in a weekly facial mask. My favourites are the White Tea Enriching Facial Mask and the Rose Formula Antioxidant Facial Mask.

white tea face maskrose face mask



If my skin is really in need of some attention, I like to add in more layers of products.  So instead of just using a moisturiser, I’ll use a serum or facial oil and then my moisturiser. Serums are designed to moisturise the deeper layers of the skin, and my current favourites are Wild Rose Beauty Elixir for added smoothness and radiance, or Frankincense Intense Lift Serum for proven anti-ageing benefits. These may seem expensive, but you only need a tiny amount and the results are well worth it.

wild rose elixirintene lift serum

Finally, a Facial Oil can be an invaluable addition to a winter skincare routine.  Just a couple of drops applied under a moisturiser can help to condition the skin, or add a few extra drops for a daily facial massage.  I love them all – the Rose Facial Oil smells divine and helps to calm any redness, whilst the Frankincense Facial Oil uses frankincense essential oil to reduce signs of ageing.  If your skin is feeling dry, you could choose the Orange Flower Facial Oil.

orange flower facial oil

How do YOU look after your skin when it’s cold outside? What are the skincare problems you face?  I hope some of these suggestions might help!

Disclaimer – this is not a sponsored post, however I will earn a percentage of any sales generated from the links within it.






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