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Moments of wonder


Reading an article in a magazine (The Simple Things  – thesimplethings.com) the other day, the author Dr Matthew McFall was writing about wonder.   Children have such a strong sense of wonder, everything is new and exciting. As we get older, we tend to get a bit more jaded, and take truly amazing things for granted, sometimes failing to notice them at all.
When we take time to renew our sense of wonder, we can appreciate the good in our lives so much more, building a strong sense of wellbeing.

It got me thinking about the wonderful moments of this one week:

A walk with my son

The sunlight shining through a rabbit’s ears as he played at the edge of a field

Drops of dew on the long grass

Sunshine breaking through the clouds

Moments of utter peace and contentment in meditation

Laughing with friends and family

A delicious home made cake

A fritillary – quite possibly my favourite flower – opening out on my front lawn

A previously undiscovered grassy footpath with cowslips in bloom!

Hope you find time to think about the wonderful things in your life too!