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Doing something new


It’s so easy to get stuck in a routine, to become set in our ways, to hold our opinions too forcefully. To stagnate, allowing no room for growth. We can stifle our creativity, our potential to be other than as we are now.  At the root of this may be a deeply held belief that we are right, that there are no other, better ideas we could explore, no alternative way of doing things that could match our current methods.

But, very often, life does not let us get away with this way of thinking. It has a tendency to shake us up, to challenge us and to force us to change. This may occur through some event in our lives, such as an illness, or the loss of a job or a primary relationship. Something which jolts us out of our complacency and forces us to try something new.

Alternatively, we may become bored with our lives. With the sameness of our day to day routines. We don’t necessarily have to wait for some major disruption to come along, or to book our annual holiday to make a change. Perhaps there’s something you have always wanted to try that you have never got around to, or something you used to do which has fallen by the wayside. If we learn to listen to our inner selves, we can find those things which will wake us up, and we may become more whole in the process.  As Swami Radhananda says,

‘Through self-inquiry we can crack the shells of our narrowly held concepts and find our strength of character’

~ ‘Living the Practice'(2010)

We open ourselves up to the possibility of growth and development, perhaps of  becoming more than we thought we could be.  And as Swami Radhananda continues,

‘Even a little idea or action in a new direction has a great effect on old static concepts’

By really looking for small ways in which we can introduce change into our lives, by examining which of our beliefs still serve us and which we have outgrown, we start a whole process of change which may lead us in all kinds of interesting directions.  So what are we waiting for?  Let’s all try something new today!

I’d love to hear where making a small change in your life may have led you – leave a comment below.