Last week I posted an entry on the sense of wonder,  and, since imbuing our lives with a greater sense of wonder can only enhance our wellbeing and joyful engagement with our daily lives,  I thought I would make this a regular feature with its own page.  This week’s wonders to follow shortly,  but in the meantime,  here’s something to think about:

Given that children are renowned for their innate sense of wonder at the works around them,  whilst in adults,  wonder may be sadly lacking as we rush through our days, do we lose our sense of wonder because we get old,  or do we grow old because we lose our sense of wonder?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this,  and your own wonderful moments to inspire the rest of us!



Weekly wonders 5th May 2013

Spring has arrived with some glorious days of sunshine and some of the wonders I have spotted this week include:

a  yellowhammer flying across the lane

my fruit trees becoming full of blossom

a blackcap in my garden

a pebble on the beach that looked like a face

sunshine on a bank holiday!

Hope you noticed some wonders this week too!

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